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What you get: 

  • 6 Yoga Classes different in Style and intensity

  • a magical soundbath

  • Meditation- and Breathing Exercise

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Create your own little retreat from energising sessions to grounding, unwinding, deep stretches and meditation.

Here you find our recommended timetable. Feel free to adjust the schedule to what ever feels best for you.

DAY 01 — GROUNDING (Thursday)

Meeting yourself where you are and setting an intention, we will setttle in together with a relaxing yin evening flow.

Time: welcome + 90 min evening


Exploring the unique relationship between Body, Mind & Heart. 

Time: 60 min morning & 60 min evening

DAY 03 — SURRENDER (Saturday)

Letting go of limiting beliefs. Creating space to receive.

Time: 90 min morning & 50 min evening

DAY 04 — GRATITUDE (Sunday)

For being you and embarking on this journey. 

Time: 60 min morning & 5 min closing


 — Cosmic Sound Bath exclusively created by Tamarituals


— Virtual Surprise Goodie after sign-up

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Your Online Home Retreat is accessible for a period of 3 weeks after booking — it is up to you, when and where you want to make time for yourself & this journey. 

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Whats included:

  • 3 Active Sessions (Vinyasa Yoga / Living Yolates) 

  • 3 Restorative Sessions 

  • Daily Meditation & Breathing Exercises 

  • Journaling & Mental Exercises

  • Closing Ritual

  • Exclusively created Cosmic Sound Bath by Tamarituals

  • New Inspiration

  • Virtual Surprise Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the ticket?

The Retreat Ticket includes access to a library of 7 pre-recorded videos per day for morning and evening practise. You can either do it from Thursday until Sunday or from Saturday until Monday. It is your choice how you mix those videos.

You will get:

  • 3 Active Sessions (Vinyasa Yoga / Living Yolates) 

  • 3 Restorative Sessions 

  • Daily Meditation & Breathing Exercises 

  • Journaling & Mental Exercises

  • Closing Ritual

  • Exclusively created Cosmic Sound Bath by Tamarituals

  • New Inspiration

  • Virtual Surprise Bag

Do i need to pratice on the exact dates?

No, the retreat is structured to be done anytime you feel like a 3-4 Day Retreat at home.

How long do i have access?

After buying the retreat, you can access the content for 3-weeks and practise anytime it suits you.

In which language is the retreat?

The video retreat is entirely in English.

About Kindclub


We are Anna & Nicole, the founders of kindclub — a forward thinking community combining movement with food, art, modern spirituality, travel & mindfulness. kindclub is all about bringing unique people and settings together – offering and being a place to gather, collaborate and grow.

We create experiences and spaces that nurture body and mind. Our
retreats and events are an invitation to discover not only yourself, but also new people and teachings that you might not find in your regular yoga studio. We want to encourage creative process, establish sustainable and healthy ways of living and enjoy the beautiful things in life together with you: movement, food, people & nature.

Retreats & Experiences

Anna & Nicole, the founders of kindclub offer a unique and broad range of movement- and mindfulness practices consisting of: Power- and Vinyasa Yoga, Living Yolates, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Intuitive Movement, Meditation, Pranayama and Yin Yoga .

Through cooperation and close collaboration with carefully selected and exciting brands and personalities, such as Filippa K, kruut, hej hej mats, The Slow Label, Aiya Matcha & Karma Food the founders create more than just a week of relaxation. “It's about experiencing with all senses, awakening creative process and thinking outside the box. " 

In addition, unique workshops on the topics of female balance, holistic nutrition, adaptogens, natural cosmetics and vocal expression are also offered at their retreats, tailored to the season, location and participants.

What people are saying

“For me it was very important to be part of an experience, rather than going to a regular yoga class. I loved how you curated every little detail — from the design of the programme to the surprise bags, the location & of course the classes themselves. It was like a dance building up and then just closing very gracefully.”

<p>Olka K. </p>, <p>Retreat Guest</p>

Olka K.

Retreat Guest

"DANKE euch für die tolle Organisation für diese schöne Woche. Ich bin ohne Erwartungen auf euer Retreat gefahren und hätte ich welche gehabt, wären diese bestimmt übertroffen worden. Ihr habt alles so toll organisiert - mit so viel Liebe und Hintergedanken - jedes kleine Detail hat gepasst. Ihr habt mir und ich denke der ganzen Gruppe ein absolutes Gefühl der Sicherheit vermittelt und genau das war zum Beispiel in meinem Fall extrem wichtig, ein Ort, mit Menschen, wo ich mich fallen lassen konnte und dadurch auch wieder ein Stückchen näher zu mir selbst finden."

<p>Marietherese S. </p>, <p>Retreat Guest</p>

Marietherese S.

Retreat Guest

"Wärme. Staunen. Abenteuer. Ihr habt es geschafft mit einer unglaublichen Herzwärme, ganz viel Fingerspitzengefühl, ansteckendem Lachen und unfassbar viel Know How aus einem bunt gemischten Menschenhaufen innerhalb kürzester Zeit eine achtsame, liebevolle Gruppe zu zaubern, in der jeder sein konnte wie er ist, wir mit Neugier voneinander gelernt, vieles miteinander geteilt, gelacht, geweint, getanzt und eine unglaublich inspirierende Zeit miteinander verbracht haben."

<p>Luisa S. </p>, <p>Retreat Guest</p>

Luisa S.

Retreat Guest